It’s hard work, but…

Starting a blog is harder than I thought.

Having a child is harder than I thought.

Being married is harder than I thought.

Many things in life are hard, but if we don’t do the hard work it won’t get done for us.

My husband told me last night that CNN had a report about airlines putting less extra fuel in their planes for the sake of saving themselves money.  With less fuel, the planes don’t have as much weight and therefore won’t burn as much fuel, but they also won’t be have as many options to choose from if they need to take a different, unplanned route.

Suppose there is a thunderstorm.  The airplane having less fuel will not be able to go much farther than their planned route, which means they will need to make extra stops along the way.  This, of course, means lost time and money for passengers.

Does this sound like a smart move to you?

I say people are being neglectful, greedy, and lazy. Surely a better solution can be found by the airlines if they need to save some money, with a little bit more effort of course.

I hear more and more reports like this these days, reports of people, organization, companies cutting corners and putting themselves or their customers or other people or parts of the world at risk for the sake of making things quick and easy for themselves.  The quick and easy fix doesn’t really fix anything.  It just delays the problem.

The recent BP oil spill disaster is another example of this.  Reports say that there were many warning signs that went unheeded before the explosion and the spill occurred.  Reading between the lines, I think people were being lazy and just looking for the quick and easy way to make money.  People were neglectful and now it is unknown how far-reaching the effects will be.  The environment, the economy, people’s health… are all effected by this choice that people made.

I find this principle of  having to make tough decisions and doing hard work to be true in my own daily life as well.

Getting my son, who is a few months over a year and a half, does not go to sleep so easily.  Although he has gotten much better, he still has some nights when he is not feeling the best, where he doesn’t go to sleep and nothing can make him go to sleep.  (He has had a stomach virus for a few days now, and it just won’t seem to finish its course.)

I will try rocking him to sleep.  I sing to him.  I will read to him.  I make sure he is well fed and not thirsty.  My husband tries getting him to sleep.  Some nights, there is just nothing that will help him to sleep.  One thing I will not do is the “cry it out” method though.

Never mind that my son is very sensitive in his nature.  I do not agree with the cry it out method for kids for many reasons.  My main reason though is that it is simply unnatural for a mother to sit and listen to her child cry, really cry because they need comfort and don’t want to be alone.  Another is that every child is different and are comforted by different things sometimes.

Like many other things in life, this is one more time when we have to make the hard choice and do what takes more time, for the welfare of our children and ourselves.

I will try to write more about my reasons for not using the cry it out “method” another time.

Life is hard work, but we gotta do it.


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