Eeww… sticky cheesy fingers in my hair

messy baby

I am going to try to do some lighter material every now and then.  So for today, I will share about my experiences with my son in his high chair during last night’s dinner.

Let me start by saying I like my hair to be clean, very clean.  So when my toddler reached down from his booster seat to grab a fist full of my hair, I… I wasn’t angry.  I was just wishing that he would learn not to try to grab my hair.  And even though it wasn’t the first time he’s done this, it always takes me by surprise.

By the way, I was down on my hands and knees by his booster seat cleaning up food off of the floor that he had dropped, shredded cheese it was.  I thought he would like it.  He ate some but the rest of it he treated like confetti and proceeded to throw out all around his booster seat.  Maybe he thought there was a party in the house and he wanted to decorate the floor, with the added bonus of having easy access to food later when he would be released from his booster seat.  It’s always more fun for him to eat off of the floor, if he gets to it before the broom/rag does.

Despite the cheesy hair last night, it was a good night.  It was one more special memory made and in comparison to my son’s smiling face, my hair is not so important… at least not until the next morning and my next shower.

Take time to smile and enjoy your kids.  Every moment with them is precious.


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