My main aspiration in life is to be the best wife in the world to my most charming husband and the best mother in the world for my darling son.  I believe our attitude about ourselves and who we are and what we are capable of determines a lot of what we actually accomplish, so that is the reason for my blog title.

I chose the name I did because it is important to me to be honest and to present accurate, valuable information –to present truly scholarly work.  I hope that is what the readers will see in my writing.

Most days I think of myself as a mother bird building a nest and looking after it and her young, and other days… as a general overseeing an army.  Either way, the way is full of challenges.

I enjoy learning about how take care of oneself and one’s family and overcome those challenges.  I want to learn as much as I can about raising children with values and how to be a living role model of those values.  That is the sort of information and discussion I aim to have on my blog.

Many women in the world today, including myself, are not given very many resources to make that commitment possible.  In fact, we as women are flooded with information telling us to  just the opposite, to do whatever is easy and devoid of true, lasting value.  Well, the little bit that I hope to accomplish is to be a voice against that stream of negative input.


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