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If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price.

~Author Unknown

It may sound trite, but these words are true.  One needs to believe in oneself and to walk with confidence.  People take you more seriously when you take yourself seriously.

Many women today, including myself, do not see as much value in themselves as they should.  It is a great tragedy of our time.  I am not speaking of all the good we can do in the workplace but of that which we can do in the home, for the people in our lives that matter the most and for the people in our lives where we can and must make the most difference.  A woman’s place as the helper of her husband and the primary caregiver of children is her most valuable role.

I only mean to say that it is a role that should be truly honored and respected as much if not more than the other roles that women can fill, whether that be as doctors, nurses, engineers, scientists, etc.

There are many areas in a woman’s life, many decisions to be made, and every single one is important.  Even though the world won’t end with the next mistake we make, what if we were to try to come to each decision as if that were the case?  Isn’t our family our own private world, so-to-speak? Because of the love we have for our loved ones, that is the seriousness that we should have towards our positions as wives and mothers, overseers of our families.

Even with the many challenges that bring us close to our breaking point sometimes, understanding the effects of our decisions helps to motivate us to make the right decisions even when they are very  to apply to our lives.  Understanding the consequences of our decisions and the value in our own voice, we have more strength to make decisions that may not be the easiest, the cheapest, or the most convenient choice, but are nonetheless, the best choice for us and those we love.

These challenges are different for every woman, but the factors of taking care of yourself and/or a  happy family are the same for everyone.

So, I will try to write and express my challenges openly and share with you the solutions I have found to work for me, and maybe I can connect with some other women and we can help each other.  And maybe through helping each other, we all can restore some understanding to the world of the value of women as wives and mothers.  I am one voice, but we can be a great, valuable voice.


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